March 2004

The Society has welcomed the following new members in 2004:

8 March 2003

The Review Body has been asked by the Committee of the Society to draft a supplementary procedure to reflect the lessons of adjudication whilst allowing for a more detailed consideration of the evidence than is possible in 28 days. The principal initial suggestions include a time limit of perhaps three months, or 100 days, within which the Award must be produced which can only be amended by the agreement of both parties. It is also suggested that a limit be placed on recoverable costs at a percentage of the amount in dispute save where the parties agree that the matters involved are such that a higher limit is appropriate.

30 January 2003

The CIMAR Guidance Notes have been revised and updated and they include an appendix drafted by His Honour Judge Humphrey LLoyd QC on the subject of security for costs.

January 2003

The Society has welcomed the following new members in 2002:

  • Arbitrator members: Cyril Churn, Charles Ellis, Tony Ensom, The Rt Hon The Lord David Hacking
  • Supporting members: Roger Button, David Loosemore
  • Overseas Member: Paul A Karrer