Forthcoming events

Join us on Saturday 20th April for a pub lunch followed by a brewery and distillery tour with the multi-award winning Canterbury Brewers & Distillers.
Join us from Friday 10th to Monday 13th May 2024 for the SCA Conference at Hotel Monte Tauro in Taormina, Sicily.
On 4th June 2024 we will be joined by Philip Riches KC, who will be giving us a talk on Federal Republic of Nigeria v. Process & Industrial Developments Ltd [2023] EWHC 2638 (Comm). Philip is one of the two leading and winning counsel for Nigeria who appeared before the Commercial court. 
Join us at the Little Ship Club for welcome drinks and a talk (guest speaker TBC) followed by lunch.
Annual Dinner at the Armourers' Hall
Join us for a talk by chartered accountant and certified fraud examiner Kay Linnell, on 'The Horizon computer Post Office scandal - Part II', followed by a 3-course lunch at The Hawksmoor restaurant in London's Guildhall.