Eugenio Zoppis

Arbitrator, contracts and project manager
MSc, LLB, MPhil
via Ponchielli, 9
+39 3486040288
Member type: Supporting
Expertise: Civil engineer with a law degree from Italy, holding a master’s degree in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution awarded by the King’s College in London, thus being familiar with the principles of civil and common law. 30 years of on-site experience in construction and contracts management, for large international projects. As a contractor, he has built large dams (totalling 15 million m3 of concrete or rock fill), tunnels and shafts (over 45 km), roads (over 1,200 km), bridges and buildings. Among them, he has built the tallest RCC dam in the world (246m high) and one of the longest, deep tunnels without intermediate adits (26 km long). Consulting on contract issues and currently advising an Australian firm. He has taken part to four ICC international arbitration proceedings and to dispute boards (DRB, DAB), participating to the preparation of claims and appearing as a party witness or as arbitrator in construction disputes (contracts on roads, dams, hydropower construction works) In particular, in October 2020 he completed an international arbitration administered by ICC – Paris, on roads construction disputes valued US$ 14 M, as arbitrator. He was also arbitrator in a construction insurance arbitration in Italy.
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish