Conference afternoon

Friday, May 7, 2021

Conference afternoon (on the day planned originally for our ‘in person’ conference to begin)


  • Irina Pongracz (Leboulanger, Paris)
  • Eugenio Zoppis (KCL, London)
  • Phillip Britton and Matthew Bell: ‘What’s Special About Residential Construction? Views from the British Isles and Down Under’

Followed by : Gin Tasting Experience PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR PLACE WITH JULIE ASAP

Your ‘experience’ pack can be sent only to the UK

If you are not UK-based you will be guided on buying your own and you’re welcome to attend the session free of charge

Subsidised by the SCA at a cost of £40.00/£25.00 (2 person/1 person) Alcohol-free option available at the same price.